MDA Dissertation


“The following research e-book reveals the process and methods used to develop the Momentum Gauge® model as well as the underlying MDA selection algorithms that produce top selections for members of the Value & Momentum Breakout community.

Momentum trading strategies are well documented for consistently delivering returns in excess of expected market returns, although the driving factors behind this irregularity lack explanatory consensus many decades later. Different streams of financial theory have endeavored to attribute drivers of the price momentum effect to
behavioral biases, market liquidity, reactions to earnings, stability price premiums,fundamental value models, and a wide range of technical patterns and measures. ”

This doctoral research conducted by J.D. Henning forms the basis of his proprietary MDA model that delivers strong annual returns beating the S&P 500 benchmark every year since publication in 2016.”

J.D. Henning, Ph.D., CFE, CAMS