The stock market is constantly changing, we had a decade-long bull market, a bear market, a mini bull market, and back again. Are you finding it hard to see where we are headed next?

Value & Momentum Breakouts has the answer for you. We specifically offer Momentum Gauges®, which provide easy signals on market direction.  Read what members are saying about their personal experiences using the signals to position for major downturns and profit in both good and bad market conditions.

I primarily deal in options so I have to be careful which stocks I use for my purposes. I love the specificity. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have found that by not paying attention to Mr. Henning and his analysis, I lost a chunk by buying calls when I should have been buying puts or calls on the reverse ETF's. Lesson learned. I have followed the stock picks and it is amazing the unbelievable percentage of stocks that you can realize a gain on. I'm still not clear on how else I can gain other than by reading his emails. I think there is a website to go to that I can look through to pick stocks that aren't necessarily sent out in an email. If anyone could contact me and explain, It would be greatly appreciated. A couple of weeks more and I will be sharing his name and service to my friends and family.

User 50278073AMAZING RESULTS!!

I recently came across VMB channel and JD. Its an amazing service, especially his Momentum and Gauge indicators. Earlier, I was not reading carefully into those indicators and I paid severely for that. If I read through his instructions on the page, I could have save thousands..Anyway, now I learned and started following those. JD is also highly interactive in the chat sessions and ready to help any time..highly recommend anyone to this channel and you will get your money in the first day itself (read his instructions on those instructions carefully) takes some time to grasp, but its really worth.. Thanks JD..please continue to do what you're doing now..

iqottaBest Service available with a great early indicator for the market movements

great analysis and prompt response! Awesome work!

HeythereYoGreat Place!

The Value & Momentum Breakouts service provided by JD Henning is definitely among the best out there! The information, analysis, recommendations, and tools are comprehensive and so useful, whether you are a trader or an investor. The user community is very collaborative, willing to help everyone, and share experiences. I subscribe/follow many on Seeking Alpha and find JD to be the "hidden gem"! He is there with you every step of the way and will guide you with his wealth of expertise and professionalism.

jfmartin059A Must Have For ANY Investor or Trader!

Only recently started with active trading as I thought the corona-crisis might be a good opportunity to start (before that I alays had my fund manager do this...) So, as a newbie of course there is much to learn - but JDs service is beyond perfect! JD not only provides super interesting technical articles and analysis, his availability and 1:1 services are just amazing. I learned a lot (of course still not enough) but without JDs expertise and direct help - I wouldnt be there at all. Not to forget the weekly and monthly stock picks - which definitely give you an edge.... Thanks JD - you found a more than satisfied and customer and for sure long-term suscriber

biotech_guyBest Service on SeekingAlpha

I have followed several different trading services over the past several years. This is the only service I have stuck with for the long term. JD is a highly educated, kind man, with a lot of valuable information to share. His service has something for every kind of trader, from newbie to seasoned. The high digit profits are pretty cool too 😉

JoannaMidoloGreat service to follow!

I can fully recommend V&M! Already during the trial period I decided to upgrade to annual membership and haven't regretted it for a moment since. It's always impressive how precisely the Momentum Gauges predict downturns in particular, plus the helpful stock picks following different models, and all of it very transparently and comprehensibly (loads of introductory docs and all historic picks can be reviewed). By far the best aspect, however, is the boss himself - JD Henning - who always acts very quickly and in all situations remains calm, kind and patient. I am grateful to have discovered JD's service and intend to stay with him for a long time. Both thumbs up and five stars, well deserved!

thephillageJD, a true Market Wizard 🙂

I like the amount of tremendous work put in by JD by trying to provide as much as relevant information and also answering to members requests. The Momentum Gauges are working good and getting better - they provide valuable signals when there is time to go to cash, to inverse ETFs or bull ETFs.

iancujianuVery valuable service

JD’s hard work, research, and continued learning is evident in his MG system. It is an interesting and effective evolution of services that he continues to work hard to develop. Very responsive and provides great insight into the markets. Not only do you get his service, but a community of knowledgeable people that are willing to help. His service is not just about telling you what the next hot pick is (although it does have great picks!) but learning what to look for and encouraging growth as investor. As a new investor I am very grateful that I found this service and community!

Bwaller5Excellent Service and Educational Resource!

Service offers more Value and direction of the Market Momentum gages are an excellent tool to have a market outlook and based in statistics .Weekly MDA picks along with premium portfolio has excellent return and suitable for every type of trader. Thanks to JD for his services.

zaryabExcellent and distinctive

Good investing ideas and info. from the author

UrAwesomeLot of Good investing ideas

This service is a really good way to trade effectively and learn a lot in the process. Thanks JD for helping me beat the market by a wide range!

User 6467961Thank you from a very satisfied member!

The information he shared with us is accurate and timely. It helps me to navigate through this market.

User 315065Great service!

What I most like about the service is: -The Momentum Gauge. It simply give you a compass about the market direction, profiting from the rise and avoiding the declines -Weekly picks based on momentum to create your own portfolio. -The level of involvement and professionalism of J&D. He is very active in the chat and always ready to help.

Fran_MMA compass to sail the market

So far so good. Just follow the gauges. Using them for trading no complaints

mawenGauges Work